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2021 2022 SouthernTech Orientation

This survey is only for students who have received notification of acceptance in a SouthernTech full time program and requires a password. Please sign-up for student orientation so that you will be prepared to start school with us on August 9th. You won't want to miss orientation! After you sign-up here, please plan to arrive on SouthernTech campus 5-10 minutes early on the day of your orientation. We will be providing t-shirts for the first 10 students. Our address is 2610 Sam Noble Parkway. Call us at 580-224-8304 if you have any questions or forget your orientation time. We're here for you!
Ideally, students (and guardians/parents when applicable) have read the Student Handbook and signed and submitted the Statement of Understanding BEFORE the upcoming orientation.  The handbook and the option for an electronic signature page can be accessed here:   Thank you for helping us make this orientation and school year an experience in excellence.
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