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COVID Safe Vaccination Clinics webinar - evaluation

Introduction: Survey information sheet

This survey is an evaluation of the COVID Safe Vaccination Clinics webinar, presented on 22 July 2021. This webinar is part of the APNA infection prevention helpline in association with Murray PHN.

Purpose of the survey  
The Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) is conducting this survey as an evaluation component of the Infection Prevention Control helpline and we'd like you to participate. This information sheet outlines some of the things that we need to let you know about as part of the survey. 

What we would like you to do  
If you choose to participate we would ask you to complete this survey. The survey should take 5 minutes to complete. The survey questions your evaluation of the webinar.

Possible risks and inconveniences  
Apart from the time taken to complete the survey, we do not expect any inconveniences, harms or discomfort associated with your participation. You are not obliged to participate. Decisions regarding participation in the survey will not impair any existing or future relationships between you and APNA.  

Confidentiality and use of data  
Consistent with good practice, we store data electronically for a period of 5 years following the publication of results before being permanently destroyed as per the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2007. 
We expect to publish findings from the study in an evaluation report as well as in nursing journals. The survey asks you to provide your name, but we will de-identify the survey once it has been completed. Confidentiality is assured and any individual participant will not be identified in any part of the research. 

Benefits of the research  
The survey will examine the effectiveness of the workshops. It will help inform decision making about how organisations like APNA provide continuous professional development in the future. 

If you have any complaints about the conduct of this data collection, these complaints can be made to the Program Director, Nursing in Primary Health Care Program at APNA (Ph: 1300 303 184). 

The Infection Prevention Control helpline is a service established by Murray PHN on behalf of Victoria’s six Primary Health Networks (PHNs), with funding from the Victorian Department of Health.