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2021 Foundation of the AAGL: Fund for the Future Robotics Application

Program Description

The Foundation of the AAGL’s Fund for the Future (FFTF) provides funding for fellows participating in the AAGL Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (FMIGS) program. Our goal is to promote interest in MIGS by making it possible for FMIGS sites to be partially or fully funded each year. This year the Foundation of the AAGL will award FFTF Robotics Awards to FMIGS robotics programs that score the highest on their application.

Please submit your application by August 6, 2021. Award winners will be announced by email on or before August 20, 2021. Only one FFTF application will be accepted per FMIGS site.

Note: Previous FFTF Robotics award winners in the last three years (July 2018- June 2021) are not eligible to apply this year. Only one FFTF award will be awarded, per site, during any given year.

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