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Professional Development month: Week 3 quiz

IBOR transition quiz

July 2021
1. Question 1
According to James Winterton during the webinar ‘LIBOR Transition for Corporate Treasurers in 7 Practical Steps’ which four activities should a Treasurer consider when transitioning away from LIBOR?
2. Question 2
When will EURIBOR be discontinued?
3. Question 3
Which method is used to ‘Compound the rate’ when calculating a SONIA compounded in arrears calculation:
4. Question 4
At the end of Q1 2021, the approximate value of transactions from financial contracts that used LIBOR as its reference rate worldwide was?
5. Question 5
Which formula do industry working groups recommend when calculating a fair credit adjustment spread?
6. Question 6
Please tick all of the following statements about the Risk Free Rates (RFRs) that are true. 
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