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Request DESE's ADC and BSC Application

Please fill-out this form if you are a Massachusetts educator who would like to be notified when applications are next available for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education MCAS educator committees. The application process occurs every two years for the following committees:
  • Assessment Development Committees (ADC)
    ADCs are made up of Massachusetts educators who assist the Department in the review of MCAS questions, scoring materials, and ELA passages. Each MCAS test has an ADC committee. The role of ADC members is to review testing materials prior to field-testing and make suggestions and refinements to the test questions. This review of testing materials includes ensuring alignment to the standards, grade-level appropriateness, instructional worthiness, and content accuracy. After field-testing, ADC members review the materials with field-test performance data. 
  • Bias and Sensitivity Committee (BSC)
    The BSC is made up of Massachusetts educators who assist the Department with the review of all MCAS questions and ELA passages. All questions and passages are reviewed before they are field tested and again with their field-test performance data. Members review questions and passages for bias and sensitivity concerns based on considerations including ability, age, culture, ethnicity, gender, geography, language(s) spoken, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. Members identify and make recommendations to the Department for questions and passages with potential bias or sensitivity issues. 
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