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Project Finance Webinar Series


We are organising a series of webinars for project finance specialists. and others interested among the Berne Union community.

This brief survey is designed to capture a snapshot of the overall trends in project finance among BU Members, and the results will be shared during our kick-off 'Overview' Webinar on 14th September.

Additionally, this is your opportunity to actively influence the discussion by indicating in the final section of the survey if you would like to share any experiences, or a case study during the focus discussions over the coming months. You can also indicate here what most interests you about the proposed topics, and any questions you would like our panel to address during the webinars.

Please submit your completed survey by Tuesday 31/08/21 at the latest - one response per member only please.

An offline version is available here: PF Survey MS Word Version - If you have any questions, please email
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