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Submission form for Ocean-Shot Concepts - Rolling Admission

The U.S. National Committee for the Ocean Decade has issued a call for submission of “Ocean-Shots,” defined as an ambitious, transformational research concept that draws inspiration and expertise from multiple disciplines and fundamentally advances ocean science for sustainable development. The goal is to spark transformative research for potentially “disruptive” advances that will open new avenues for ocean science and progress toward Decade and Sustainable Development Goals.

Starting July 1, 2021, the U.S. National Committee will accept Ocean-Shot concept submissions at any time throughout the year. Proposed ideas will be screened for consistency with the Ocean-Shot criteria on a rolling basis by the Committee. Qualifying Ocean-Shot concepts will be made publicly available on the Ocean-Shot Directory to encourage discussion and collaboration.
Criteria for Submission
Each submission should address the following criteria for topic selection: 
  • Topic represents a key area of potential scientific advancement related to the ten Ocean Decade Challenges (as described in the UN Decade Implementation Plan, also listed below)
  • Visionary and inspirational with potential for disruptive or transformational impact
  • Realizable, with connections to existing strengths of the US in terms of scientific infrastructure, expertise, technology development, institutions (including government and non-government organizations), and public-private partnerships
  • Builds inter- and multi-disciplinary teams and invokes engagement with scientific/technological sectors outside of traditional ocean sciences
  • Leverages opportunities for international participation and collaboration
  • Develops global capacity, particularly for the developing world, and fosters the next generation of ocean scientists
  • Helps build a more diverse research community and where possible involves local or indigenous experts and incorporates their knowledge
1. Ocean-Shot Contact Information: *Note - This information will be shared with the National Committee for the Ocean Decade in order to receive feedback. It will also be made publicly available if the Ocean-Shot concept is accepted into the Ocean-Shot Directory.  *This question is required.
6. Please select the challenges (no more than 3) that are most relevant to your concept (Expanded reference below): *This question is required.
For questions 8-12, please describe how your Ocean-Shot addresses the following:
For your reference: Ocean-shot concepts should address the following challeges.

Knowledge and Solutions Challenges
  • Challenge 1: Understand and map land and sea-based sources of pollutants and contaminants and their potential impacts on human health and ocean ecosystems, and develop solutions to remove or mitigate them.
  • Challenge 2: Understand the effects of multiple stressors on ocean ecosystems, and develop solutions to monitor, protect, manage and restore ecosystems and their biodiversity under changing environmental, social and climate conditions.
  • Challenge 3: Generate knowledge, support innovation, and develop solutions to optimize the role of the ocean in sustainably feeding the world’s population under changing environmental, social and climate conditions.
  • Challenge 4: Generate knowledge, support innovation, and develop solutions for equitable and sustainable development of the ocean economy under changing environmental, social and climate conditions.
  • Challenge 5: Enhance understanding of the ocean-climate nexus and generate knowledge and solutions to mitigate, adapt and build resilience to the effects of climate change across all geographies and at all scales, and to improve services including predictions for the ocean, climate and weather.

Essential Infrastructure Challenges
  • Challenge 6: Enhance multi-hazard early warning services for all geophysical, ecological, biological, weather, climate and anthropogenic related ocean and coastal hazards, and mainstream community preparedness and resilience.
  • Challenge 7: Ensure a sustainable ocean observing system across all ocean basins that delivers accessible, timely, and actionable data and information to all users.
  • Challenge 8: Through multi-stakeholder collaboration, develop a comprehensive digital representation of the ocean, including a dynamic ocean map, which provides free and open access for exploring, discovering, and visualizing past, current, and future ocean conditions in a manner relevant to diverse stakeholders.

Foundational Challenges
  • Challenge 9: Ensure comprehensive capacity development and equitable access to data, information, knowledge and technology across all aspects of ocean science and for all stakeholders.
  • Challenge 10: Ensure that the multiple values and services of the ocean for human wellbeing, culture, and sustainable development are widely understood, and identify and overcome barriers to behavior change required for a step change in humanity’s relationship with the ocean.
13. Is this a revised submission of a concept already included in the Ocean-Shot Directory?  *This question is required.