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PUBLIC SURVEY for the Lower Boardman-Ottaway River Unified Plan


The river is one of our most valuable assets from an ecologic, economic, recreational, and cultural perspective, and is a significant contributor to the sense of place in downtown Traverse City.  Recognizing the value of the river the Traverse City Downtown Development Authority (DDA) put into motion the process for developing a UNIFIED PLAN for the Lower Boardman River.  The UNIFIED PLAN includes our collective vision for the Lower Boardman and describes the land use policy recommendations, best practices for development, and physical improvements plan for achieving this vision.

Based on the public input we've received the Leadership Team has developed a series of draft recommendations and alternative ideas.

Our purpose for the Summer 2021 workshop is to inform the public and gather input on your preferences and ideas.

The Big Questions:
1. Do the ideas presented represent the community's values and vision?
2. Which ideas work best for Traverse City?
3. Which ideas do not fit?
4. What ideas are we missing?

This is a Master Plan process, so we are looking for big picture ideas and feedback. As projects move forward, the design of each project would go through a public engagement process to determine the specific details.  

The full survey is likely to take 20 minutes to complete. We appreciate your time and feedback!