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Indian River County Broadband Survey

Welcome to the Indian River County Internet Service Survey

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Welcome to the Indian River County Broadband Internet Survey! 

Indian River County is working with Magellan Advisors to perform a Broadband Internet Feasibility Study. As a part of this effort, we need to collect information concerning broadband internet access availability in Indian River County. Because a speed test will be performed during the survey, we ask that you complete the survey while your computer/laptop is directly connected to your network router. If not possible, please take the survey using your wi-fi connection. Please do not take this survey on a cellular phone.

Answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. Questions marked with a red asterisk * are required questions.
1. What is the address of the location for which you are completing this survey? *This question is required.Knowing your location's address will help us identify where broadband is available, how good it is, and where it is needed. Be sure to provide your Zip Code. Please update default city and zip code if necessary
2. How is your computer/laptop connected to your network for this survey? *This question is required.
3. Are you completing this survey for a household or an organization? *This question is required.We need to know the type of location because households and organizations get different services and have different issues. 
4. Does the location for which you are completing this survey have internet access? *This question is required.