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Professional Development month: Week 1 quiz

ESG Quiz

July 2021
1. Question 1
The EU Parliament Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism would place a charge on the carbon content of emissions-intensive goods imported into the EU starting in:
2. Question 2
At the recent summit with President Biden where America committed to cut emissions to 50% of the 2005 level by 2030, what was the UK commitment?
3. Question 3
The Green Climate Fund to invest in low-emission and climate resilient development as of June 2021 has approximately two-thirds of committed funds under implementation. This represents:
4. Question 4
According to the European Banking Authority’s first pilot study on climate risk, what proportion of total non-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) corporate exposures to EU obligors are allocated to sectors that might be sensitive to transition risk?
5. Question 5
The International Energy Agency´s report on pathway to net-zero estimates a 4% drop in energy intensity of GDP between 2020 and 2030. What are the units of economic energy intensity?
6. Question 6
EU carbon price has more than doubled over the pandemic to its highest ever price and is still regarded as “too low” in light of new climate commitments due to be published in July. What is the current level?
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