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Soil for Water Website Input

We need your input on the Soil for Water website!

Soil for Water ( is an initiative to catch and hold more water in the soil of agricultural and working lands. We aim to create a groundswell of land stewards who prosper by using regenerative agricultural practices that improve soil health and the water cycle. We believe there is much to be gained by sharing lessons learned from hands-on experience, peers, mentors, and the land. Toward that goal, we're building a new website to provide the information you want, in the formats you prefer. We need your help!

All of your responses are anonymous. Feel free to skip questions or to add comments.

Thank you for your time and participation! Soil for Water is a project of the non-profit National Center for Appropriate Technology, and you can reach us at

1. In which FORMATS do you like to receive information? Choose those you’d regularly use if we featured them in our website.
2. What are your MOST TRUSTED sources of information on ag practices?
3. What regenerative ag practices are you MOST INTERESTED in learning about?
4. What QUESTIONS are most important to you in deciding whether to try a new practice?
5. What PROGRAMS would be most likely to increase your use of soil health practices?
6. Tell us a little about yourself (choose all that apply).
7. What crops or classes of livestock do you raise, or are you thinking of raising?
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Thank you for your time and participation!