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2021 State-of-the-Art Report Survey

State-of-the-Art Report Survey

Thank you for participating in the State-of-the-Art Report survey. Through this survey, we aim to understand your initiative’s funding path, your primary funding challenges, and how you have transitioned, or plan to transition, from relying on philanthropic/aid funding to revenues and returnable investment (commercial investment, blended finance, DFI funding, etc.). There will be many opportunities in this survey to share your insights and we encourage you to provide as much detail as possible in the spaces provided. Your reflections on your initiative’s funding journey will contribute to a deeper understanding of how commercially-driven SDG initiatives can overcome investment challenges, from which we hope practitioners and financiers can learn.

Recommended approach for filling out the survey: For each initiative, we request that the survey be completed only once. We recommend that a key representative familiar with the initiative’s financing structure (e.g., development or administrative coordinator; CFO) is identified to complete the survey. We estimate this survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Instructions for navigating this survey:  

  • If you hover your mouse over the blue underlined text, definitions and examples of the text will appear. 
  • You may complete this survey in more than one sitting by clicking the Save and Continue Later button in the top right corner.
  • Please be sure to navigate between survey pages using the “next” and “back” buttons at the bottom of the survey page, NOT the “back” arrow in your browser as this will erase unsaved progress.

Privacy and Confidentiality: Survey responses will be kept confidential and will not be made publicly available or attributable to the respondent or partnership. We will collect identifying information for each initiative so we can categorize results. As this is an online survey, your confidentiality will be kept to the degree permitted by the technology being used. We cannot guarantee against interception of data sent via the internet by third parties.

Taking part is voluntary. Your participation in this survey is voluntary. You may refuse to participate before the study begins, discontinue at any time, or skip questions that may make you feel uncomfortable with no penalty to you or your initiative. 

If you have questions or feedback on this survey, please feel free to contact us at: 

Erin Gray, Economist, World Resources Institute: 
Maggie Dennis, Research Coordinator, World Resources Institute: