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MC-USA Member Survey

Journey Forward MC USA Study

Journey Forward is a churchwide renewal process of engaging in scripture, storytelling and sharing how God is at work in the lives of people and congregations across MC USA. To inform the direction of MC USA, we have partnered with Springtide Research Institute to conduct a comprehensive membership survey, interviews, and focus groups to ensure that your voices are heard in this process. The survey, interviews, and focus groups are steps in gathering stories from around the denomination. The survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. We truly value all of your voices and need to hear what you have to say to Journey Forward together.

Springtide Research Institute is an unbiased third party that is collecting information to help MC USA understand who, where, what, etc., their people are so that they can get better as an organization. We do ask a lot of questions, but that is because we need to be able to dig into the specifics as we do our analysis. We have zero interest in identifying you for our purposes, and none of the identifying information will ever be given to MC USA. We ask about the specific pieces to understand social location only. Your information will NEVER be connected to your answers – we are social scientists- we study groups. We’re honestly only looking for the GENERAL answers, not the individual ones. In short, your data is safe with us, and you will never be identified. 

Springtide Research Institute (SRI):
Springtide Research Institute is committed to understanding the distinct ways generations experience and express community, identity, and meaning.  We combine quantitative and qualitative research to reflect and amplify the lived realities of young people as they navigate shifting social, cultural, and religious landscapes.