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Sustainable Exhibitor Survey

Natural Products Expo East 2021

All exhibitors who commit to the required actions in each category (highlighted in bold) will be recognized as a Sustainable Exhibitor. Raise your sustainability performance even more by committing to one or more of the optional options! Brag about your company's sustainability efforts by telling us what you are doing!

Sustainability Survey closes at Midnight MDT on September 8, 2021.

1. Contact Info *This question is required.
Staff Management
2. REQUIRED:  Train all booth staff on sustainable booth operations including waste management, nightly shut-down plans, post-event donations, and the sustainable attributes of the booth. *This question is required.
3. Optional (Check all that apply)
Communication and Promotional Materials
5. REQUIRED: Communicate/share their company and/or Natural Product Expo’s sustainability objectives at the booth. *This question is required.
6. REQUIRED: No foam core or PVC signage will be used onsite. *This question is required.
7. Optional (Check all that apply)
Waste Management
9. REQUIRED:  Compostable and/or recyclable service ware will be used for all samples, and appropriate collection bins for collection of the used service ware will be provided for attendees to use. Recycling and Compost bins and porter service can be rented through GES*This question is required.
10. Optional (Check all that apply)
12. REQUIRED:  All electronic equipment should be turned off or put to “sleep-mode” at the close of each night unless perishable goods are at risk.  *This question is required.
13. Optional (Check all that apply)
Air Quality
15. REQUIRED: Inform and request that drivers adhere to a no-idling policy in the marshalling yard and POV lots. *This question is required.
16. Optional: Booth Staff will commit to one or more of the following transportation practices:
17. Optional (Check all that apply)
19. REQUIRED: All staff will use reusable water bottles. The PCC has water refill stations located throughout the building.  *This question is required.
Procurement and Booth Materials
22. REQUIRED: Eliminate polystyrene (i.e., packing peanuts, #6 or foam plastic) from booth shipping and operations. *This question is required.
23. REQUIRED: Minimize packaging of all booth shipments and reuse exhibit crate(s) and pallets for shipping booth back. *This question is required.
24. Optional (Check all that apply)
Community Partners
26. Optional (Check all that apply)