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CO Option Consumer Survey

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​​This year, the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI - worked to pass HB21-1232 - "Standardized Health Benefit Plan Colorado Option" - or the Colorado Option for short. The Colorado Option is a new type of health insurance that will be cheaper and available for individuals and small businesses to purchase. We need your help to design this plan! This insurance plan will be offered by current insurance providers so Coloradans can easily compare the plans when shopping. It will have set costs for what you can expect to pay out of pocket to receive health care. This standardized plan may also include additional health care services that you can receive for a lower cost or free of charge. We need your feedback to make sure this plan works for everyday Coloradans, like you. By sharing your opinions, you are helping make sure the plan the government designs works best for you and your community, not the health care industry. CCHI will use your feedback to make recommendations to the Division of Insurance, who is in charge of designing this plan. We will not share your personal information. We may contact you if you are interested in continuing to work on this plan going forward. You have the chance to make sure health care works for you, your family, and your community.
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What types of health services do you think are most important to be more accessible, lower cost or potentially free? Please select your top 2.
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Copays are a set amount you pay when you receive most basic medical services. Which copays would be affordable for you or would not stop you from getting health care? (check all that apply)
Health insurance deductibles are the amount you pay before your plan helps cover some of the costs for services. What deductibles seem affordable to you? Or would not put your financial stability at risk? Check all that apply.
Out-of-pocket maximums are the ceiling for the total you pay before your plan covers the full cost of all covered services that are in-network. Which out of pocket maximums seem affordable to you? Or would not put your financial stability at risk? Check all that apply.
Would you be willing to share your experiences with policymakers/lawmakers?
If CCHI would like to contact you about your responses or for further engagement opportunities, may we do so?
Do you need or want help navigating an insurance issue or health care bill?