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McKinley Memorial Library: Community Survey

1. Approximately how often do you visit McKinley Memorial Library?
5. How often do you visit a library other than McKinley Memorial Library?
7. What are the reasons for why you visit a different library? (Check all that apply.)
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8. Please rate McKinley Memorial Library on the following items:
Space Cell ExcellentGoodFairPoorDon't Know/Not Applicable
Building- atmosphere, comfort, ease of use
Children's area - play area, storytime space
Community participation- events, festivals
Customer service- approachable, helpful, friendly, professional
Hours of operation
Parking – number of spots, ease of access
Physical accessibility – easy to get in and around, and access materials
Physical location
Selection of books, digital resources, movies, music, videogames
Technology – computers, printing, training, WiFi
9. Please complete the sentence: McKinley Memorial Library can improve by: (check all that apply.)
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11. Please check your age group: