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Medtrade West 2022 Call for Presentations

Guidelines for 2022 Submissions:

In order to better address the hottest topics within the HME and medical supply industry and the needs of Medtrade attendees, the Medtrade Educational Advisory Board developed the following suggested topics and proposal guidelines. 

1. Medtrade does not provide speaker honorariums or reimburse for speaker travel, lodging, or other incidental expenses. Travel and expenses are the responsibility of the speaker. 

2. Use the suggested topics listed below as a guide when creating your proposal(s). Please do not use the suggested topics as actual session titles. 

3. Submit your proposal on time. 

4. Use spell check to correct spelling and grammatical errors. DO NOT submit your proposal in all CAPS. Suggestion: create proposal in Word document, spell check, then cut and paste into database proposal.

5. Spell “Medtrade” correctly in your submissions. It is “Medtrade” and NOT “MedTrade”. 

6. Plan your session content accordingly and keep in mind sessions are either 1 hour or 1.5 hours in length and are not an infomercial. The title of your proposal needs to catch the reader’s attention. The description of your proposal needs to contain specific information. The description should not contain general language or otherwise be “fluffy.” The description needs to be specific to HME and medical supply suppliers.

7. Before submitting your session please keep the following in mind: 
Do not promote your products and services
• By submitting this form, you agree to conduct your presentation in a structured, informative manner to that employed by high quality education institutions 
• Do not present in an ad-hoc or ad-lib manner, nor use your presentation as a forum for advancement or promotion of your products and services 
• Do not distribute literature that promotes your products or services 
• Do not have slides of your products or services in the PowerPoint 
• Do not make appointments with attendees during the time allotted for your program
• Do not have attendees participate in a contest, promotion or free app for your products or services via text/cell/phone/facebook (or other social media or email) before, after or during your program.

8. For every slide in your presentation, please use the Medtrade PowerPoint template sent to accepted presenters.

9. NOTE: Although Medtrade will select individual and co-presented sessions, a good portion of our selected sessions will be panel formats. Therefore, we encourage you to form a panel (three or more panelists) to present your proposed program.

The deadline for your submissions is Monday, August 2, 2021
Medtrade West 2022 Suggested Topics Per Track-Topics are provided for reference and not to be used as actual titles

Business Operations Topics: • Running Lean Operations • What are the Current Legislative and Regulatory Items that Must Be on an Owners Radar • The NSC • Accreditation Topics • PECOS • Documentation Requirements • Billing Best Practices • Financial and Operational Best Practices • Using Balance Sheets and Income Statements – A Must for Your Future • Intake to Collections – Operating Essentials • Efficiencies for Today’s Success and Tomorrow’s Viability • Reducing Costs to Meet the Biggest Challenges in HME • Creating a Win-Win Operation for Your Business • Automation is the Key to Operational Success • Inventory Woes – Learn from Others’ Mistakes • Software Savvy • Managing Insurance Variations • Using Telehealth to Monitor Patients • Use of Technology to Create Operational Efficiencies • Data Analytics and Performance Measurements • Medical Records and The HME Provider – The Key to Keeping Your Money • Audits – Who, What, When and Where • Creating an Internal Audit Protocol -- A How To Approach • Surviving a Medicare Audit – Best Peer Practices • Planning for When, Not If, You Are Audited • Competitive Bidding Survival Strategies •  Competitive Bidding Successfully Submitting Bids • Preparing for the Next Round of Competitive Bidding • How a Losing Bidder Can Gain Access to a Competitive Bid Contract • NCB: Buying and Selling a Winning Bidder • Setting Up Processes to Know You Have What You Need • Audit Response • CERT, UPIC, DME MAC (Pre-Pay Probe, Pre-Pay Service specific) • Opportunities to Negotiate with the Auditing Bodies • Overview for the Non-reimbursement Manager • Steps to Reduce the Risk of Being Placed on a Prepayment Review • How to Respond to a Prepayment OR Postpayment Review • MACs, RACs, CERTs, PSCs, and UPICs: Who Are These People and Why Are They Making My Life Difficult? • The New "Targeted Probe and Educate" Program • Staff Development

Executive Leadership and Planning Topics: • Patient Outcomes Management – ACO/Fee for Care Models (monetization of outcomes) • Technology – implementing solutions/leveraging automation • Operational Efficiency • Business Analytics/Intelligence • Mergers/Acquisitions • Preferred Provider Arrangement With Referral Source • Connected Health – Collaborating through the Continuum • Effective Communications (patients, referral sources, business partners, etc.) • Operating in a Post-CB World: • Legal: Subcontracting Agreements • Telehealth • ACOs • Operationally: Lean Processes (overhead management), Improved Purchasing Programs, Automation, etc. • Collaborative Arrangements With Hospitals • Benchmarking • Data Analysis • Alternative Payment Arrangements • Subcontracting • Strategy Tools and Resources • Best Practices • Metrics and Measurements • Contract Strategies • Telehealth • ACOs • Cyber Security • Financial Management • Capitalization • Budgeting  • Payer Relations • Value-Based Care

Managed Care Payers: • Definition of managed care Description of Medicare Advantage Plan • Description of Medicaid Managed Care Plan • Difference between a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medicaid Managed Care Plan • Key provisions in a managed care contract • How to negotiate a managed care contract • Steps to take when a managed care panel is “closed” • Steps to take when a managed care plan greatly reduces reimbursement • Definition of a “sole source contract” and a “preferred provider contract” • Steps to take when a managed care plan enters into a sole source contract with a DME supplier • Steps to take when a managed care plan enters into a preferred provider agreement with a DME supplier • How a DME supplier, without a contract, can access the contract held by another supplier • Accessing a managed care contract pursuant to a stock purchase of another supplier • Working with state legislatures to pass laws to protect against an overreaching managed care plan • Why are so many states attracted to and moving to managed care? • What promises/savings/goals do the MCOs make to states? • How do they achieve those savings and other goals? • How does managed care affect the state? • How does managed care affect the providers? • How does managed care affect patients and their access to care? • Understanding different oversight of Medicaid Managed Care, Medicaid FFS, Commercial Plans, and Medicare Advantage and best practice advocacy efforts

Legal Topics: • Current Legislative Activity • Issues with Regulatory and Statutory Requirements • Fraud and Abuse Concerns • Supplier Standards • Joint Ventures • Marketing within Legal Guidelines • Health Reform Provisions and How They Affect DMEPOS • Compliance • Appeals • Accountable Care Organizations • Legal Guidelines for Selling at Retail” “Billing Nonassigned

Medicare Updates Topics (ONLY for CMS MEDICARE Contractors) – These topics will be provided by the following entities: • CBIC • DME MACs • NSC • QICCMS • RAC

Retail Topics: • How to Expand Your Retail Sales Floor or Launch a New Location • Training Your Personnel on Retail Sales • Retail Sales Systems • Marketing to the Retail Consumer • Retail Floor Merchandising – Does Store Layout Make a Difference/How to Cost Effectively Design a New Show Floor • In-store Merchandising – How to deliver ROI • Integrated Retail Promotions that Bring Them In the Door • Legal Issues in Selling Retail HME and medical supplies if You Are a Medicare Provider • Using Your Whole Company to Market (delivery, customer service, front sales, fitters) • Structuring Advertising Campaigns with Traditional and Online Media • Building a Cash Culture in Your HME and medical supply business

Sales & Marketing Topics: • How to Market to Referral Sources • Targeting New Referral Sources • Launching New Product lines to new Referral sources • Sales and Marketing Tools & Aids for Referral Sale • Sales Compensation for a Diversified Revenue-Based DMEPOS provider • Online Stores: Management, Structure, Systems & Delivery • SEO & Social Media Power • Sales for Profit – Top Categories • Territory Sales Management • New Technologies and Systems • Marketing and Sales Strategy
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