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Driver Manual Practice Quiz

Chapter 9 - Alcohol and Other Drugs


Please Note: This quiz is intended to help you prepare for the types of questions you will be asked on the written test. The questions on the test you take at the DMV may be different. Return to chapter 4


What does alcohol do to your driving skills and judgment?
What effect does drinking alcohol and taking a prescription drug or over the counter medicine have?
Which of the following statements is true about BAC (blood alcohol content)?
A driver who is taking a non-prescription drug should:
Drinking coffee after drinking alcohol:
In this state, what BAC (blood alcohol content) is evidence of intoxication?
On average, the human body can dispose of the alcohol in 12 ounces of beer in about:
Which of the following is true?  People driving under the influence of alcohol are:
What is the only effective way to reduce your blood alcohol content (BAC)?
Which of the following influence the effects of alcohol?
If you drink alcohol socially, what helps ensure safe driving?
What are the consequences that can result from driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs?
Which of the following does alcohol affect?
What kinds of drugs, other than alcohol, can affect your driving ability?
Drinking alcohol and driving is:
A chemical test is used to measure:
What happens to your driver's license if you refuse to take a chemical test (breath or blood)?
What effect might alcohol and another drug have when combined in your blood?
Blood alcohol content (BAC) depends on each of the following except:
Which of the following does not happen after drinking?