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RM/EB Salary and Job Survey 2021

RM/EB Salary and Job Survey 2021

Hi there! Thank you so much for participating in this salary and job survey for Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding practitioners!

The goal of this 15-minute survey is to help all of us define the value of RM/EB skills. We want to understand your responsibilities, what resources you've been given, and how much you get paid to do the amazing work that you do! Don't worry—this survey is 100% anonymous—there are no personally identifiable questions, and no geodata or IP address information is being collected. The results will be analyzed in aggregate and the final report will be published in Fall 2021 on

IMPORTANT: Please only complete this survey if you work in-house as a corporate practitioner. We cannot include responses from consultants, agencies, RPOs or tech vendors that perform RM/EB on behalf of their clients.  (If you have an RM/EB job and just happen to work at a vendor, you can participate—select In-House Practitioner.)

Before you begin, have your salary and budget details handy. Ok, ready?

Thank you in advance for participating in this survey! You are helping others to follow in your footsteps!
1. Where do you currently work? *This question is required.
2. Throughout this survey, we use the term Recruitment Marketing to broadly include Employer Branding, Talent Brand, Talent Attraction, Talent Marketing, Talent Experience and Candidate Experience under the Recruitment Marketing umbrella. If you use marketing to attract and engage candidates, you are practicing Recruitment Marketing! So with that in mind...

Do you practice Recruitment Marketing full time or part time at your company?
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2. What responsibilities do you have in your current role? Do you feel that you have all, some or none of the resources you need to support your work? *This question is required.
Space Cell I have all that I needI have some of what I needI have none of what I needThis is not my responsibility
Candidate Experience
Candidate Research / Surveys
Careers Website
Chatbot Management
Content Creation / Management
Digital Marketing
Diversity Recruiting
Email Marketing
Employer Branding
Employee Advocacy Program
Employee Engagement
Employee Generated Content
Employee Referral Program
Employee Resource Groups
Human Resources
Internal / HR Communication
IT / System Administration
Job Advertising
Job Descriptions
Lead Generation / Nurture
Onboarding / Training
Project Management
Recruitment Analytics
Recruitment Operations
Reputation Management (employer reviews)
Social Media Management
Talent Network / Community
Technology Evaluation
Text Communication
Vendor / Agency Selection
Vendor / Agency Management
Veteran Recruiting
Video Creation / Management