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Key Trends for Libraries: Share Your Ideas!

Looking into the future...

To build the future of libraries, we need to be able understand the forces that will shape it. 

What trends or developments - economic, social, cultural, political, technological or other - will library leaders in 10 years' time need to think about as they work out how to provide effective services to users? What opportunities or threats are there?

If you are a student, recent graduate, or otherwise new to the profession, we are keen to hear your ideas about the issues that will count.
Your answers will help us prepare a list of trends which will be at the heart of our President-elect's session at the 2021 World Library and Information Congress

If you choose, your ideas could also be included in regional sessions exploring in more depth the challenges that emerging leaders have identified for the future.

Your answers will only be used by the team preparing the session at WLIC, for that purpose. Your personal data will not be shared outside of IFLA Headquarters. If your idea is selected, we will contact you to confirm that you are happy to be named. 
3. Would you like to have the opportunity to present your idea in a regional session focused on emerging leaders' perspectives for the future?   *This question is required.