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LGBT+ research conference 2023


Proud / Loud / Heard ...? 
– exploring LGBT+ identity, being and experiences

Friday 19 May 2023, 10.30am – 4.30pm

Location: in person at the University of Manchester and online

One-day hybrid conference for academics, researchers and activists conducting research on sexual orientation and gender identity issues and/or bisexual, gay, intersex, lesbian, trans, queer ... lives.

The aim of this conference is to explore how LGBT+ people have experienced and /or are experiencing actions and discourse around their self-identities. This may include gender and sexual identity, intersectionality, desire, relationships, experience across the lifespan, politics and solidarity.

This conference is open to all, you don’t have to be a UCU member to attend this event. The conference is free to attend.

Call for papers: deadline 27 February 2023

Proposals (of no more than 500 words) are now invited.

The deadline date for submission is 4pm Monday 27 February 2023..

There will be a peer review process following submission.

Proposals are welcomed on, but not limited to:
  • Hetero and Cis normativity as context for LGBT+ identity 
  • Liberation – LGBT+ and intersectional approaches / aspirations 
  • Good As You, not the same as you: LGBT+ identity, stories & struggles
  • Gender Identities: trans, non-binary, queering, querying, power
  • Histories of and present difference – margins, competing, contestation
  • Locating identity - levels of outness, digital expression, communities
  • Deconstructing binaries 
  • Intersectional LGBT+ identities – class / disability / race / religion 
  • International perspectives: stipulations, struggles, self-actualisation
  • Cultural differences
  • Impact of and overcoming prejudice and discrimination
  • Differences across the lifespan: childhood, teenage, adult, older age
  • LGBT+ in policy and practice: equality, legislation, usualising diversity
  • Realisation or otherwise of life aspirations and expectations
  • Negotiating invisibility and visibility – personal, culture, society, media
  • Recovering LGBT+ histories 
  • Disparities and dialogue: access to services, money + social resources 
  • LGBT+ identities and impact in public health research and advocacy
  • Differences in thinking about sexuality and sexual practices 
  • Collectivity and Solidarity – sites and means of organising and action 
  • Understandings of sex: protected characteristic, intersex, biodiversity
  • Histories of and present difference –margins, competing, contestation.

Proposals to deliver the research papers can be for academic or action research covering theory and/or practice. 

Proposals should include a 50-word statement explaining the relationship between the paper and the theme and how it relates to LGBT+ issues/lives.

If you have any questions please email Seth Atkin: