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20210614 Media Usage Study


Hi. We have an exciting new study about the media usage and attitudes of young people aged 13-24!

We are looking for 2x friends of a similar age to install an app on their smartphone for a week which monitors their usage – the websites and apps used, the music played – and also keep a short photo diary for a couple of days.

The app that will need to be installed is completely secure and nothing that impacts data privacy will be shared with a 3rd party. 

Please note that passwords and other information entered on a website, like bank details, are not collected. 

Following this, we’ll interview the friendship pairs in a 90-minute Zoom interview to be held between June 29th and July 8th, and also interview a parent in a 30-minute Zoom interview so that we can better understand the point of view of their generation. 

To thank you for your time, each member of the friendship pair will receive $150 ($300 in total) and the parent will receive $75 for their time, all in the form of an electronic Visa gift card.

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