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50+ Cycling Survey - Summer 2021 to Spring 2022

Cycling Past 50 Survey

Researchers at the Mineta Transportation Institute, San Jose State University, are conducting a survey to gather your thoughts and preferences about cycling among older adults. Your opinions are very important, no matter how much or little you cycle, or whether you cycle at all.

The survey takes about 10-12 minutes and is anonymous. Your participation is completely voluntary. You can refuse to participate or stop the survey at any time without any negative effect on your relations with San Jose State University. If you participate, there are no anticipated risks to you and no anticipated benefits other than the satisfaction of sharing your views with the researchers.

If you have taken the survey before, please take it again this year. Here’s why:
  • First, 2020 was a year none of us expected. So much changed, affecting many aspects of our lives, including cycling. Taking the survey again lets us know if last year was a one-off or had a longer effect on your cycling.
  • Second, you are a year older. Things change with each passing year, including our cycling. Taking the survey again helps us know what affects cycling as we age. You may also use taking the survey as a time to reflect on your cycling, which may mean doing some things differently.

For more information about the study, contact Dr. Hilary Nixon at

By agreeing to participate in the study, it is implied that you have read and understand the above information. Please do not write any identifying information on the survey/questionnaire.

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