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In order to be provided CEUs, individuals must have participated in the session for which they are requesting credits. Please ONLY REQUEST CEUs for sessions you participated in for the duration of the session. CEU requests will be verified by the attendance tracking platforms and credits will not be issued to individuals that were not documented as participating for the duration of the session.

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LeadingAge Virginia is providing PDCs for HR Professionals who are Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Members. The following sessions have received approval by SHRM for .75 PDCs for each of the following sessions: #41, #51, and #52.

We thank you in advance for your support and understanding of the required procedures, as we have had to adapt our training programs during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure compliance.

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The Virginia Assisted Living Association (VALA) is providing CEUs for ASSISTED LIVING & NURSING HOME ADMINISTRATORS as authorized by NAB for all educational sessions and contacts hours relevant to the practice of NURSING as authorized by the Virginia Board of Nursing for selected educational sessions. VALA will upload verified CEUs to NAB for participants that provide an NAB registry number. 

LeadingAge Virginia is providing PDCs for HR Professionals who are Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Members. The following sessions have received approval by SHRM for .75 PDCs for each of the following sessions: #41, #51, and #52.

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Overall preparation and delivery of the presenters


 Usefulness of the materials provided. 

40. Virginia IS for Aging: A National Perspective on Key Issues, Challenges and Opportunities for Virginia and the Nation
41. It’s a New Day! Healthcare is Moving More Services into the Home
42. So Far Away: Addressing Social Isolation During the Pandemic and Beyond
43. How Virtual Reality Helps Us Train Better & Faster During Crisis
44. Liveable Communities that Promote Community Access, Inclusion & Engagement
45. Older Adult Bullying in Congregate Settings from Senior Apartments to Nursing Homes: Reducing Older Adult Bullying is Possible
46. How Access to Health Care by Mobile Health Units Can Improve the Lives of Medically Underserved Patients in Virginia
47. Redefining Community: How JABA Congregate Programs Re-Emerged during COVID-19 Crisis
48. Caregivers Create
49. Combatting the Demise of Older Adults at The Hands of Opioid Abuse & Misuse
50. Transportation for the Aging: What do you do when you need help getting around? Three Innovative Community Mobility Programs from Virginia, Florida, and Ohio.
51. Let’s Disrupt Ageism and Develop Elderhood!
52. Intersections of Diversity and Ageism
53. Aging Together - Age Friendly Communities that Actively Engage, Value, and Support Older Adults
54. The Pandemic: Inside Looking Out and Outside Looking In
55. The Impact of the BRI Care Consultation Program to Support Persons with Memory Loss and Their Caregivers
56. Challenges and Opportunities in Addressing Elder Abuse During the Pandemic
57. The Intersection
58. Changing the Culture of Care for African Americans Living with Dementia
59. Collaborating to Embed Falls Prevention Programs into the Community: Transitioning in the Presence of COVID-19
60. Accessing Services in a Digital World: Supporting Older Adults’ Technology Use
61. Working Together to Promote Brain Healthy Communities in Virginia
62. Financial Exploitation: How to Prevent Abuse By People Who Make Decisions for You
63. Social Determinants of Health: Stable Housing of Older Adults before, during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic
64. COVID-19 in Geriatrics: Brain, Behavior and Disparity Concerns
65. It Takes a Village - Three Villages in Northern Village respond to the 2020 Pandemic
66. Innovative Geriatric Mental Health Treatment in Long Term Care Communities
67. Low-Cost Home Modifications to Prevent Falls
68. Building Capacity to Respond to Behavioral Health Needs of Older Adults in Virginia
69. Protecting Older Adults from Fraud and Financial Loss
70. Closing Keynote: Dr. Janice Underwood - Diversity, equity and inclusion are more important than ever in our aging communities
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