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YPQA Training Interest Form

YPQA Training Interest Form

Please use this form to express interest in attending the following: (Training descriptions found below)
  • Youth Program Quality Assessment Basics (PQA Basics)
  • External Assessor Reliability Training for the YPQA (EART)
PQA Basics:
The Youth PQA is a research-validated and field-tested tool designed to evaluate the quality of youth programs and identify staff training needs. This hands-on workshop prepares participants to conduct program self-assessment. Since the Youth PQA is an evidence-based assessment tool,  it relies on observation and interview.  At the training, videos provide an eye into after-school programming and participants get an almost-there experience.  Notes and observations are used as evidence to score items. Participants also complete an Implementation plan that describes how they will conduct their own program self-assessment. (Virtual, 4 hours)

This workshop gives participants practice using the Youth PQA and increases their accuracy in observing and scoring. The bulk of the workshop consists of practice video scoring.  Participants who successfully achieve acceptable levels of reliability (80% at the item level) through a video reliability check become “Endorsed Assessors” and are able to collect “research quality data”.

This workshop is intended for staff who will serve as reliable External Assessors for the YPQA, and who do not have a current endorsement (i.e. new assessors). Reliable assessors must meet rigorous standards that require in-depth exploration of the Program Quality Assessment (PQA). Participants attend the entire training (4 days) over the course of which, they watch a series of videos and practice scoring the PQA under the guidance of an experienced reliable rater who has been certified by the Weikart Center. The training culminates in a video reliability check where participants must achieve 80% reliability to pass. Completing this course certifies participants as an External Assessor for the Youth Program Quality Assessment. (Virtual, 4 sessions, 9 hours total with homework)

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