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2021 Park Design Workshop

Hello, and thank you for your interest in Park Pride's 2021 Park Design Workshop! This year's workshop will be incorporated into Park Pride's annual Big Park Meeting, scheduled for the morning Saturday, August 14.

Park Pride will select up to five parks in our service area to work with a volunteer landscape architect to design a small area of your park (think $50,000 or less). You will then have the opportunity to present your idea in a friendly setting with your peers at the Big Park Meeting, where we will all share tips and advice for moving community-based designs toward implementation.

To submit your project for consideration, you will need to provide some basic information about the area you would like to design. This information will be a tool to help the designers understand what your goals are and what your site looks like.

Remember that not every project can be selected for the workshop, so put your best foot forward! We will be doing our best to make sure projects are selected evenly across our service areas of Atlanta, DeKalb, Tucker, and Brookhaven.

Step One:
Identify a focus area in the park to design. The area should be limited in size to allow the designer to focus on a single location, such as a park entrance, parking island, or building entrance. Jot down notes about your goals, challenges, and opportunities you see at the park.

Step Two:
Fill out this form by Wednesday, June 30 to be considered.

Step Three:
Once projects have been selected, all applicants will be notified. Successful applicants should plan to meet a volunteer landscape architect at your park before July 23.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Andrew White at or 678-551-9122.
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3. Are you available and willing to present your design idea to a group of your peers at the Big Park Meeting on the morning of Saturday, August 14? *This question is required.