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OIL Heating Season 2021-22

OIL 2021-22 Heating Season

This year the Mid-Hudson Fuel Buying Co-op (MHFBC) will be partnering with KoscoHeritage/HOP for fuel oil and kerosene.  The questions on this membership survey are for the records of MHFBC.  While this information will be shared with KoscoHeritage/HOP, the fuel supplier's record keeping is separate and apart from that of the co-op. 

Co-op members who are already customers of  Kosco-Heritage/HOP are asked to review their account information at the  "My Account" page for accuracy, and make changes if appropriate (such as email address or phone number).  Co-op members new to KoscoHeritage/HOP will likely be asked these same questions again, and more (see our FAQ page for what to expect)
 when the fuel company sets up your new account. 

Becoming a MHFBC member entitles you to the contract terms (ie prices) the co-op has negotiated from the time you agree to the supplier terms and conditions for 2021-22 until May 31st 2022.  This contract is between you and KoscoHeritage/HOP. 

NEW THIS YEAR: If you need propane in addition to fuel oil, a separate membership application form with MHFBC is required along with a separate $10 application fee.

If you have questions please email
This question requires a valid email address.
This question requires a valid email address.
3. Please enter the name of the person in the household responsible for the FUEL OIL bill at the delivery address(es) identified on the next page(s). *This question is required.
Space Cell First nameLast name
Primary Name for Household
Another Adult Name (if applicable) for Household
4. Please enter the telephone numbers associated with this account. *This question is required.
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Primary Contact
Another Contact (if applicable)
5. Do you want to contract for fuel oil with Kosco-Heritage/HOP? If so, after this application is processed and you have paid the $10 application fee you will be sent a link to the Kosco-Heritage/HOP electronic landing page where you will be asked to select one of the following: 1) a fixed price of $2.749/gallon;  2) a floating price of 55 cents over the NYMEX price of the day before delivery with NO price cap or; 3) a floating price of 65 cents over the NYMEX price of the day before delivery with a price cap of $2.999/gallon. *This question is required.
6. Do you want to contract for Kerosene?  The agreement will be with Kosco Heritage/HOP and will be supplied at a price of 40 cents below the retail price.