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Magic in the Room Listener Feedback

Give us your ideas for Magic in the Room and get a hat!

We are wrapping up Season 2 of Magic in the Room, and we want your feedback! Let us know what you like (and don't like!) about Magic in the Room below. Your feedback will be used to make the podcast even better.

If you fill in all the questions and give us your mailing address we will send you a free Magic in the Room hat!
Tell us about yourself:
1. What kind of organization do you work for?
2. How big is the organization you work for?
4. What is your role in the organization?
5. Is the organization you work for a Purpose & Performance Group client?
6. What is your ideal podcast length?
Give us some feedback on Magic in the Room:
7. How would you describe what kind of listener you are? 
8. How did you hear about Magic in the Room?
9. Have you found the podcast to be helpful to you?
15. Have you ever recommended Magic in the Room to somebody else?
16. How likely are you to recommend Magic in the Room to a colleague or friend?
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