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Tobacco Treatment: Integration Assessment Tool

Organization Information

This assessment should take about 10 minutes to complete. 

This organizational assessment for health systems change identifies which steps your organization or program is implementing (or could be implementing) to integrate tobacco treatment services.

After completing this assessment, you will be sent a PDF copy of your scored assessment to the email you provided. Your assessment score will help identify strengths and targets for:
  • Adopting a Tobacco-Free Environment 
  • Strategies for Integrating Tobacco Treatment
  • Building Staff Capacity to Provide Tobacco Treatment
  • Quality Improvement and Sustainability
Availability of Assessment
You are welcome to re-take this on-demand assessment periodically as your organization or program moves toward fully integrating tobacco treatment.

Additional TA Available
To learn more about how to further integration of comprehensive tobacco treatment please visit
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4. In which of the following states or territories does your organization operate? 

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