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Worship Team Application


BRIDE Ministries International Worship Team
Hello! Welcome in taking the first step towards becoming a member of the worship team for BRIDE Ministries International. We are requiring the completion of this application in order to help us assess if this opportunity is the right fit for you!

INSTRUMENTALISTS - The weekly pay rate will be based on type of instrument, skill set, and experience. Amateurs will not be accepted.

SINGERS - Unless you are a singer who is also a instrumentalist AND/OR a worship leader, this is not a paid position. Those who are exclusively a singer (not a instrumentalist or a worship leader) will not be paid and will only be able to participate on a voluntary basis.

Requirements of Application Completion
As you fill out your application, understand that we will be considering the following areas as we assess if you are a fit for our worship team.

1. Relationship with God – Applicants must have a relative understanding of the tenants of the Christian faith.

2. References – Submit two music references that speak of your experience and skill set to be a part of the worship team successfully. Please include their name, phone number, and email address.

3. Audition Video – Submit a video of yourself performing 2 songs (no more than 3 minutes per song). Songs must be CCM and/or gospel. No secular music allowed.  

4. Please note: A completed application must include two music references and a audition video which should be sent to YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE REVIEWED UNTIL YOU HAVE SUBMITTED A COMPLETED APPLICATION, A AUDITION VIDEO, AND TWO MUSIC REFERENCES. A completed application does not guarantee an interview. BRIDE Ministries will be conducting rolling interviews as applications are submitted and reviewed. Those interview dates are TBA.