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2021 Web Accessibility Survey

At The 19th, we strive to provide an inclusive website experience for our readers. We’d like to hear from you about your accessibility needs.

This survey is meant to guide The 19th (a nonprofit newsroom reporting at the intersection of gender, politics and policy) as we seek to understand your digital accessibility needs and improve our website. We want to identify any possible barriers you may face in understanding content and/or completing a task at

The questions in this survey include but are not limited to:
  • Assistive technology you may use
  • Your experience with our website,
  • Suggestions you may have for The 19th to improve digital accessibility

It should take less than 8 minutes to complete.

You may skip any question, but please be as complete as possible. All of your answers are anonymous and will not be shared with anyone. Thanks for taking the time to share your valuable insights with our team. If you have any questions or concerns, please email
1. Which of the following disabilities do you have?
2. Which of the following accurately describes your primary assistive technology usage?
2. Which of the following accurately describes your screen reader usage?
2. Which of the following input devices do you use?
2. What website accessibility features do you rely on to read, understand or interact with content provided on website pages?