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DCPC Senior Exit Survey - Leland

3. Post High School Plans: Please check on or more and explain. 
4. If you are not planning to pursue further education and training in the next year, what is your primary reason?
5. Have you taken the ACT college entrance exam?
7. How did you prepare for continuing your education after high school? Select all that apply.
8. If you plan on furthering your education, what field of study are you most likely to select in college or trade school?
9. Did you take any college academic courses for college credit while in high school?
10. Which of the following statements best describes the stage you are at in your career development?
11. At what time in your life did you start thinking about college as a possibility after high school?
12. How do you plan to pay for your education after high school? Select all that apply.
13. Did you or your parent submit your financial aid application (FAFSA)?
14. If you did not submit a FAFSA application yet, why not?
15. Please indicate the types of activities you participated in during high school? Select all that apply:
16. What activities have you completed to enroll in college after high school? Select all that apply.
17. Think about how well prepared you feel for what follows after high school. Please grade your high school on how well you think it prepared you:
For employment
For further education
For personal life