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Newschoolers ACL Tear Survey

ACL Tears In Skiers

A survey looking at the various potential causes of ACL tears in skiers, including what types of skiing and what types of ski equipment lead to ACL ruptures. Please only fill in the following questionnaire if you have suffered at least one full ACL tear. If you have suffered multiple tears for which you know the following answers, please feel free to submit multiple responses. 
6. How would you best describe the profile of the skis you were injured on?
7. How would you best describe the flex of the skis you were riding? 
8. What brand of bindings were you riding when you were injured?
10. What type of skiing best describes what were you doing at the time of injury?
11. Would you describe the speed while crashing as...
12. If known, in which direction did you fall?
13. Along with the ACL rupture, did you damage any other ligaments or parts of the knee?