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NRPS - Citation Award

The NRPS Citation Award candidate does not need to be a current member of the society. Service must include an outstanding contribution to the general field of public parks and/or recreation. This contribution must be of such significance as to affect the profession on a regional, state, or national level.

The NRPS Awards Committee recommends completing your submission using a word processor and copying the information into this web form. This form cannot be stopped and restarted; it must be completed in a single attempt. 

For award criteria, CLICK HERE.
1. Submitting Individual Information *This question is required.
2. Nominated Individual *This question is required.
3. Service contribution may include (check all that apply): *This question is required.
4. Letter of Award Application
Please upload a letter explaining why your nominee should be considered for this professional award and what experience makes them qualified for this award. Nominations should be clear, concise and well written. *This question is required.
5. Documentation: Please provide detailed information and documents that support the criteria outlined in your letter.



Please include applicable pictures, visuals, artwork, illustrations, etc. for the slide show presentation should your nominee be awarded The Citation Award.
Each photo should be labeled with the nominated individual's information.

7. Letter of support from agency administrator.
Although it is not required, and may not be applicable to all individuals sending award submissions, letters from your director can provide another perspective to the awards committee about what makes you an outstanding candidate.