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NRPS - Program of Excellence Awards

The purpose of the Program of Excellence Awards is to recognize excellence in recreation programming throughout the State of Nevada.

The NRPS Awards Committee recommends completing your submission using a word processor and copying the information into this web form. This form cannot be stopped and restarted; it must be completed in a single attempt. 

For award criteria, CLICK HERE.
1. Submitting Individual Information *This question is required.
Eligibility - Please Acknowledge these conditions.
Program or Event Information

Photos: 5 to 8 photos [2 MB]; each photo labeled with entry and agency name  

15. Documentation: Maximum 3 examples of background material that support one or more of the criteria (PDF) e.g. partnership agreement, press releases, needs assessments, etc


16. Letter from agency administrator acknowledging entry is being submitted (only if entry is submitted by non-agency personnel) (PDF)