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NCHRP Synthesis LOI 2022

Welcome to the NCHRP Synthesis Consultant Letter of Interest Portal

The NCHRP Synthesis program is seeking potential consultants for a FY2022 supplemental synthesis topic: 20-05/Topic 53-19 State DOT Product Evaluation Processes.  To formally express interest in being a principal investigator for this project, a two-page cover letter and professional resume or CV is required. The fixed price-fee is $45,000.

The following is a link to the additional synthesis topic statement:

Letters of Interest are due by January 4, 2022.
Contacts will be made after we have matched available expertise with that required by the nature of the project.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When completing this form if you do not receive a “THANK YOU” message at the end of the survey with a confirmation email, this means your answers to the survey are incomplete, and we will not be able to receive or record any information that you have submitted.