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Permanent Sanchez Slow Street - Design Comment Card

Permanent Sanchez Slow Street

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Slow Streets are residential streets where the roadway is shared between cars and people walking, biking, or exercising. The shared roadway is safely achieved by discouraging cut-through traffic from utilizing the street as a route along their trip by implementing various traffic calming tools and signage. These measures minimize the amount of vehicle traffic along the road, discourage fast vehicle speeds, and emphasize pedestrian and bicycle priority on the Slow Street. There’s no change to local vehicle access, deliveries, or services, and Slow Streets are not a street closure.

The SFMTA is proposing to maintain the Slow Street designation on Sanchez Street between 23rd and 30th streets beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and the Mayor's Emergency Public Health Order. Along with the permanent Slow Street designation, the project also proposes to install additional treatments to further increase safety and enhance the effectiveness of the Slow Street.