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Help make Bill C-12 a world-class climate law


To strengthen Bill C-12 and ensure Canada has a world-class climate law, we are calling on the federal government to:
  • Take bold action now, based on science and independent expertise. Set the first emissions target for 2025, instead of delaying climate action until it’s too late.
  • Put workers and communities first, no exceptions. Bill C-12 should align with Canada’s commitment to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), and set targets for job creation to ensure no worker gets left behind as we transition to a sustainable economy.
  • Create true legal accountability for government. Set clear, unconditional obligations on the Minister of Environment to meet Canada’s climate targets.

Leadnow is preparing a submission to the federal Environment Committee to call for these amendments, and we’ll include comments from people all across Canada to put a human face on decisions about Canada’s climate laws. Please complete this short survey so we can include a selection of comments from people across Canada in our submission.
1. Do you think the Canadian government should set a target to cut emissions by 2025, to ensure Canada is on track to tackle the climate crisis?