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Learning for Equity MasterClass Application - Final

Learning For Equity MasterClass! - Application


Thank you for your interest in MasterClass. Please complete the application below.

If you are unable to upload your materials, please send your application as a shared Google Doc link to 
areyes@chc-inc.orgApplications are open until Monday, May 30, 2022 11:59pm pst.

Selection Criteria

•16-20 years old
• A resident of the state of California

Contact Information 
Please reach out to Anthony Reyes,, for support completing the application.
This question requires a valid email address.
8. Video or Written Introduction - Maximum of 3-5 minutes/2-3 pages

  • Please state: name, age, pronouns
  • Please describe: how you describe your identity? How do you identify socially?
  • Briefly describe:
(1) If selected for the program, how will you apply skills and knowledge gained to advance equity.
(2) Please be sure to answer why you’re interested in applying? What do you hope to get out of this course?
You may also consider – 
  • How are you going to take what you’re learning in these spaces and apply back into the community?
  • How is this master level class of organizing going to have an impact back on the work you are doing on a local level? 
10. Supporting Submissions

Please upload a mixed/multimedia piece that reflects the advocacy/organizing/activism work you’ve been doing. It can be an existing piece, or one created specifically for this submission (1 page min, 3 page max OR 2-4 minutes). Multimedia Piece Ideas: essay, prose, spoken-word, play/skit, poetry, monologue, visual art, story, etc. 

13. What kinds of digital/computer devices do you have access to? Please select all that apply. *This question is required.
14. Full participation in MasterClass requires each student attend all required Classes, Labs, and complete outside work with group mates, for a total weekly time commitment of about 10-14 hours/week.

What, if anything would get in the way of you participating at least 10 hours/week on a weekly basis in this program?   *This question is required.
15. Are you interested in staying connected with Learning for Equity and Community Health Councils?
While we are unable to accept everyone into MasterClass, we value every applicant and the time they put into this process. Select "yes" to be included in future L4E opportunities,  marketing emails, campaign efforts, and calls to action. *This question is required.