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Intent to Graduate 2022

This form is required for ALL students who plan to finish by May 2022. It will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Due Date: December 31, 2021 or the first day of your last course (whichever comes first)

Graduation Fee: $125 -- (required of all graduates, cannot be reduced or waived) -- If you're eligible for graduation this year, it's already been charged to your account and might already be covered by Financial Aid (contact the Financial Aid office to confirm).

The student is the only person permitted to complete and submit this form. No one else may fill out this form on a student's behalf.
Ceremony Choices

Your ceremony choice is not "locked in" until your name has been printed in the ceremony program. You may change your ceremony choice up to 3 months prior to the ceremony by sending a written request to .
No Ceremony: Yes, you must complete this form, even if you don't plan to attend. Your name will be included in the 2022 program.

Virtual Ceremony: must choose one of the dates below, will still receive cap/gown/etc.

2022 Ceremony: Saturday, May 7, 2022, must finish all courses by this date or, if online student, by May 15, 2022
2023 Ceremony: Saturday, May 6, 2023
Regardless of ceremony attendance, your diploma will be mailed 5-6 weeks after your last official day of class. Graduates who attend the ceremony will receive a diploma cover as a stand-in for their actual diploma. This is due to the timing of Spring semester final grades and the time it takes for final processing and printing.