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Maternal Health Pre-Test

Maternal Health Pre-Test: Subjective Data


The nurse is preparing a diet plan for a pregnant client with preeclampsia. Which would the nurse include in the client’s diet? Select all that apply.


Which is a subjective symptom of pregnancy?


The nurse caring for a 37-week-gestation client with gestational hypertension determines that the client has very elevated blood pressure. Which is the best intervention to prevent complications in the client?


Which nursing interventions are performed when conducting a pregnant woman’s health history? Select all that apply.


Which client information would the nurse include in the "S" section of the SBAR format when discussing postpartum hemorrhage?

6. Which intervention would the nurse perform to provide a relaxed environment for a laboring client?
7. Which interventions would the nurse include in the plan of care for a pregnant client with mild preeclampsia? Select all that apply.

Which subjective signs and symptoms preceding labor would the nurse assess with a client who is 38 weeks pregnant? Select all that apply. 

9. ​​​​​Which questions would the nurse ask the client to elicit cultural expectations about childbearing? Select all that apply.