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Pathways into Primary Industries 2021

Pathways into Primary Industries

Leading up to March 2020, New Zealand was experiencing consistently low unemployment. The thriving primary sector experienced consistent labour gaps, leading employers to look overseas, with approximately 15-20% of primary industry roles being filled by immigrant workers. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to rapid change of the overall New Zealand employment market, with reduced access to an immigrant workforce, and yet, without the drastically increased unemployment levels we could have been anticipating.
The primary sector is still a powerhouse continuing to produce essential products for the world. Pathways into Primary Industries (PiPI) is an opportunity to bring people into the sector and provide them with a choice of pathways to dynamic and rewarding careers.
With it, we can use our unique position to support the wider primary sector to work together and ensure the right people are employed in the right roles with the right skills.

Your answers to our survey will help get more people into lifelong careers and learning in the primary industries. We expect the survey to take around 10 minutes. 

This survey is being conducted by Primary ITO.
The online survey is completely anonymous, and all information provided will be combined with other survey responses for reporting.
At the end of the survey, you will be invited to enter your email address in order to enter the prize draw.
Please contact the PiPI team on for more information, or if you need help accessing the survey. If you would prefer to answer the survey questions face to face, or over the phone, please contact the project team to arrange. Survey data collected face to face will not be anonymous, however we guarantee that your information will be kept confidential and that all our interviews will be anonymised before we report on the project.
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