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Pediatrics: Pre-Test

Pediatrics: Pre-Test: Subjective Data

1. Which nursing intervention promotes maximum ventilatory function in a child with acute asthma exacerbation?
2. Which example would be a subjective assessment finding recorded by the nurse after examining a 3-year-old patient with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes?
3. A patient who complains of frequent urination and thirst is found to have lower limb edema and seborrheic dermatitis. Laboratory results include a fasting blood glucose level of 140 mg/dL. Which data obtained during the assessment are categorized as subjective data?
4. Which are the goals of obtaining a patient’s health history? Select all that apply. 

Which nursing action is appropriate when caring for a patient from a culture different from the culture of the majority?

6. Which care plan needs modification?
7. Which statement about how a child experiences pain is accurate?
8. A nurse is interviewing an adolescent during a health screening. What statements made by the nurse show effective communication techniques employed in this situation? Select all that apply. 
9. Which intervention is important when establishing therapeutic communication with adolescents?