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Complete Tennessee Leadership Institute Nomination Form 2021-2022

The State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE) and The Hunt Institute are now accepting nominations for the sixth cohort of the Complete Tennessee Leadership Institute
In order to ensure that all Tennesseans have equitable access to a high-quality postsecondary opportunity and the supports necessary for completion, the Complete Tennessee Leadership Institute (CTLI) works with leaders from across the state to cultivate champions of higher education. The CTLI program has been designed to achieve the following goals:
  1. Building the leadership capacity of cohort members to drive change around higher education attainment;
  2. Collectively identifying opportunities for innovation and improvement in local communities and at the state level;
  3. Fostering partnerships between postsecondary institutions and communities to build coalitions; and
  4. Exploring innovative solutions for statewide and local collaboration that lead to student success.

Please use the form below to nominate individuals to apply. Self-nominations are welcome. Following the nomination process, invited nominees will complete an application due no later than August 20. Through a competitive application, SCORE and The Hunt Institute will select a diverse cohort to work together to improve higher education policy in our state.

Selection Process Timeline
Nomination window open July 7 through July 30.
Applications due by August 20.
Cohort members will be notified by September 10. 

CTLI Class of 2021-2022 Sessions (Selected participants are expected to commit to attending all convenings). 

Convening #1: November 15-16 Nashville

Convening #2: January 10-11 – Memphis 

Convening #3: March 14-15 - Greenville  

Convening #4: May 16-17 Knoxville 

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Race/Ethnicity *This question is required.We will strive for the cohort to be truly representative of the diversity of students and institutions in our state’s postsecondary landscape. While a response to this question is not mandatory, knowing the race of applicants aids the selection committee in achieving the goal of bringing together a group of leaders with rich backgrounds and experiences from across all parts of the great State of Tennessee.