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COAMFTE Standards Review Committee Application


Thank you for your interest in becoming a COAMFTE Standards Review Committee Member.

Please complete this application to apply. COAMFTE Staff will contact every individual that submits a completed application after a review of the submission to determine eligibility.

SRC Description

The Standards Review Committee (SRC) is a subcommittee of a minimum of seven (7) members, appointed by the COAMFTE chair. The SRC is responsible for implementing procedures for the review process every five (5) years and providing the COAMFTE with on-going feedback reflecting the state of accreditation standards and interpretations throughout the five-year cycle.  The Committee will be comprised of COAMFTE members and senior marriage and family therapy educators not serving currently on COAMFTE.

SRC Member Qualifications

  • Substantial experience with outcomes-based assessment
  • Advanced and demonstrated commitment and competence with the infusion of diversity and equity into MFT education
  • Experience as a faculty or Program Director in an MFT program
  • Experience with an understanding of accreditation
  • Knowledge of state licensure issues, national trends in MFT field, AAMFT, and broader issues of MFT education

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Study issues resulting from the use of outcome-based education
  • Gather and analyze broad-based input from a diverse group of COAMFTE stakeholders and provide feedback to COAMFTE
  • Assess the status/effects of moving to a blended model of outcome-based and input based accreditation process on MFT programs
  • Survey MFT programs to measure their experiences with Version 12 Accreditation Standards
  • Generate recommendations to the COAMFTE for changing, revising, streamlining, and fine-tuning COAMFTE standards, policies, and procedures.
  • Generate recommendations to COAMFTE on additional resources and/or trainings that would benefit programs currently accredited and those seeking accreditation
 Committee Structure and Expectations
  • A minimum of seven members
  • Length of term: Staggered terms and rolling terms ranging from one year to three years
  • Work Environment: On-line forums and conference calls
  • Time commitment: Average 2 hours a week, unevenly distributed: requires commitment to teamwork.

If you have any questions, please let us know by emailing