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FCBR REALTOR® Good Neighbor Nomination Application 2021

FCBR REALTOR® Good Neighbor Nomination Application 2021

Description of the Award

The Good Neighbor Award will be presented to a REALTOR® member of the Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® who has demonstrated distinguished service to a community. Winners of this local Good Neighbor Award may be submitted to for the Colorado Association of REALTORS® and National Association of REALTORS® awards.

Award Criteria:
  1. Nominees must be members of NAR in good standing.
  2. Nominees should have contributed to a program that improves the livability of a local community. Those activities aren’t limited to real estate or housing issues, and may include such things as crime prevention, youth mentoring, and homelessness prevention.
  3. Nominees should have made a significant contribution of personal time, but contributions of money, materials, or other resources will be considered by the judges as well.
  4. Nominees will be judged on level of personal contribution, impact of personal contribution, broadness of impact, and the project’s suitability as a role model for other REALTORS®.
  5. The award is intended to recognize individual contributions, not association- or company-wide efforts. However, if an individual within your company can be singled out as instrumental to the success of a group effort, he or she is eligible. If the achievements of two people (such as a married couple or co-founders of an organization) absolutely cannot be separated, they can enter as a pair and their entry will be considered as one.
  6. Some portion of the nominee’s community work must have taken place between January of the previous year and May of the current year, but judges will also consider ongoing efforts outside that time frame that demonstrate a depth of commitment.
  7. Nominees should be able to document the results of their individual involvement though published reports and/or testimonials from the organization they served or the people they helped.
  8. Nominations must be accompanied by a completed entry form to be considered (REALTORS® may nominate themselves or may be nominated by another NAR member, a state or local association, or the community organization they served).

***DEADLINE to receive nomination applications is July 16th, 2021
1. FCBR Good Neighbor Awards
Nomination/Entry Form:
*This question is required.
2. If you’re completing this application and you’re not the nominee, please also provide your Information: *This question is required.
3. Community Program(s) Served
(This organization will receive a donation, if available, should you be selected as the Good Neighbor Award winner. If there is more than one organization, please attach an additional sheet.) *This question is required.
7. Who may we contact at the organization to verify the nominee’s involvement?

  *This question is required.
8. Personal Contribution
(Nominees should have made a significant contribution of personal time, but contributions of money, materials, or other resources will be considered by the judges.)

Important Note: This information is required. Although you may not keep exact records of your contribution, we must have your best estimate in order to evaluate the entry.
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9. Is the nominee compensated for any portion of the community service work described in this application?  *This question is required.
11. Does the nominee perform the community service as part of his or her duties as an employee or corporate officer of a real estate company? *This question is required.
14. Verification of Involvement (Required)
Please attach published reports or testimonials from the organization or individuals served that document the nominee’s activities. These documents should attest to the individual involvement of the nominee. Please highlight the nominee’s name in documents where it is not immediately evident.
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15. (List the attachments here.): *This question is required.
16. I certify that to the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided is true and accurate. *This question is required.
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17. What is your position: *This question is required.