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ESTO 2021 Agency Representative Application

Agency Representative Application

To be completed by sponsoring destination or state tourism office. Please print clearly.

ESTO Eligibility Guidelines
ESTO (Educational Seminar for Tourism Organizations) is the definitive annual learning and knowledge-sharing forum for destination marketing professionals. It is unique in that it is created by and exclusively for this specific target audience. ESTO is not open to other industry sectors.

(The only exceptions to this rule are official ESTO sponsors and eligible U.S. Travel Association board-level allied members. If you have questions about whether your organization qualifies, please reach out to

At ESTO, destination marketers gain access to exclusive research, network with industry peers, learn about the latest marketing trends, share best practices, and debate pressing issues affecting destinations in a non-sales environment.

Destination professionals attend ESTO to:

  • Network with the best and brightest in travel.
  • Hear from dynamic speakers, presenting content that informs and inspires.
  • See awards highlighting marketing excellence in the industry.

Who Can Attend?
You are eligible to attend ESTO if you are a destination marketing professional from:

  • State or territory tourism offices
  • Destination marketing organizations, convention and visitors’ bureaus or chambers of commerce
  • Regional tourism marketing organizations

Agency of Record Representatives—Eligibility Guidelines Overview
U.S. Travel Association understands that some state tourism offices and DMOs/CVBs view their agencies of record as an extension of their staff. The agency of record must be under contract or retainer for advertising or marketing services. The attending representative must be in an account manager capacity and specifically assigned to the state/destination client.

The program is NOT designed nor allowed for business development purposes. Job titles that include business development, new business, publisher or executive staff (president, CEO, vice president, chief operating officer, etc.) are typically not the key account managers and are not allowed to attend ESTO under this policy.

Agencies and firms that serve multiple states and/or DMO/CVB clients (national in scope) should consider participating at ESTO as a sponsor. For sponsorship information please contact Sherena Elharmell.

To ensure the program is not misused, U.S. Travel has instituted an application process. The agency applicant must have a sponsor state tourism office or DMO/CVB, and both parties must adhere to the following criteria:

  • The state tourism office or DMO/CVB must initiate the application process, providing a signature that signifies that both parties consent to the ESTO Attendance Policy, and submits the application to U.S. Travel for review (application is not a guarantee of attendance). 
  • The account representative must clearly understand the attendance policy and agree not to solicit business from other states or DMOs/CVBs nor entertain ESTO delegates during the event. 
  • A state or DMO/CVB may invite no more than five representatives to ESTO. These representatives may work for different agencies. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. 
  • A staff member from the state tourism office or DMO/CVB must attend ESTO in order for the agency representative to attend. 
  • Agency representatives will have the sponsoring state tourism office or DMO/CVB listed on their conference badge.
  • Deadline to submit applications for consideration is Friday, July 30 (2 weeks prior to the conference).

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