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Should I Quit My Job Quiz

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1. PART 1: ARE YOU IN THE RIGHT ROLE? *This question is required.
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1. At times, the actual work I do day to day gives me intense anxiety and/or causes me to feel depressed.
2. I’m not passionate about my day-to- day work. I think there’s something out there that I would enjoy doing much more.
3. I’m not proud of the results my work produces. I don’t get excited about what I’ve created when I finish a project.
4. I’m often bored out of my mind at work. Even if there’s plenty of work to do, it’s so boring!
5. I’m always counting down the hours to quitting time, and I live for the weekend.
6. I feel like I’m under utilized and wish I had more responsibilities.
7. I don’t feel like I’m making good use of all of my skills.
8. If given the opportunity, there are other positions out there I would enjoy doing more.
9. When I complete a project, I’m not eager to find a new one to work on. I wait to be assigned more work.
10. I wouldn’t want to be doing the same type of work even if it were at another company.