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Huntington Catholic School - Feasibility Study Survey Questionnaire 2021

Huntington Catholic School is asking that each parishioner take 5 to 10 minutes to complete this survey to help shape the future of our school.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!
1. How long have you been a member of the parish/school?
2. Have you been involved in school activities?
3. What is your opinion/evaluation of your school in the following areas?
Space Cell ExcellentVery GoodGoodFairPoorNo Opinion
Physical plant facility Primary Building (school, seating, parking):
Physical plant facility Middle Building (school, seating, parking):
Administrative leadership:
Staff (office, administration, maintenance):
Community outreach:
Academic Programs:
Sports programs:
Overall perception:
4. Please indicate your feelings regarding the projects at your parish.
Space Cell EssentialImportant But Not EssentialSomewhat ImportantNot Important
PROJECT 1- Renovation of the Middle Building at St. Mary’s to be the future site of Huntington Catholic School
PROJECT 2- Multipurpose building and gymnasium with locker rooms, stage, banquet seating for 250, and a kitchenette
Where should the multipurpose building be located?
5. The cost of Project 1 is estimated at $2,900,000; the cost of Project 2 is estimate at $2,100,000. Therefore, to complete the projects we will need to raise $5,000,000. Are you in favor of a capital campaign to help meet this financial commitment?
6. Would you consider taking a volunteer position in the campaign?
7. Do you know of anyone who would make a good campaign chairperson?  Please list below:
8. Would you consider making a 3-year pledge commitment to the campaign?
This question requires a valid currency format.
9. Do you know anyone that might be able to make an extraordinary gift of 5% to 10% to our capital campaign goal: $5,000,000?
10. Do you know of any major obstacles if a capital campaign were to be conducted at this time?