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LSAC PLUS Letters of Interest

LSAC aims to foster creative thinking beyond current pipeline program approaches to focus on the question: “How are we promoting and supporting minoritized students throughout their law school enrollment journey and legal career?” Schools that apply to participate in the PLUS Program are encouraged to demonstrate innovation in the design of their respective PLUS Program. LSAC is interested in receiving proposals from schools that address the prelaw pipeline for minoritized groups of students in two particular areas: (1) students that are on the cusp of applying to law school, and (2) underserved undergraduate students at rural undergraduate institutions (including any community colleges, junior colleges, or two-year associate degree programs) and/or Minority-Serving Institutions (MSI).

LSAC may award grants in the amount of up to $100,000 per year to schools selected to administer the 2022 PLUS Program outlined in this RFP. Upon the successful administration of the first year of the PLUS Program, LSAC may offer continued grant funding for the school to administer the PLUS Program the following year. Accordingly, the maximum grant that LSAC will provide to any member law school to administer the PLUS Program will not exceed $100,000 in any given year and is subject to a maximum amount of grant funding of $200,000 for the two-year period in which the school may administer the PLUS Program. LSAC, at its sole discretion, may consider awarding a third year of grant funding to any school that administers the PLUS Program.

Before taking the time to prepare a full proposal, interested schools are encouraged to submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) via this PLUS LOI portal on or before June 11, 2021, in order to ensure that the proposed program aligns with the objectives of this new PLUS Program funding. All law schools submitting an LOI will receive feedback regarding the fit of their proposed program along with a recommendation about whether a full proposal should be prepared and submitted.

Please review the Letter of Interest layout provided in the RFP list of resources.  


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